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Ultimate Family Preparedness Pak

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Ohhh boy, this is, without any doubt, the ULTIMATE EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS RESERVE! Nothing even comes close... PERIOD. Made for those who are looking for a family emergency package that covers you for just about any disaster or financial emergency crisis (could also easily use used as a business or corporate* reserve also). We've taken all the guess work and hassle out of preparing for you and your family! I personally developed this awesome reserve as a result of the hundreds of requests I've received to develop an all-inclusive family unit. Granted, this unit not for everyone, though everyone would love to at least own one. I've often been often pulled of to the side and quietly asked what I have as a part of my own personal family reserve and what would I recommend if money were not a concern... you know, the best-of-the-best available. Nothing held back... just the best! So I went to work carefully considering all I've learned over the past 23 years in this business and came up with the ULTIMATE EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS RESERVE. All the survival basics have been included here in this one-of-a-kind emergency reserve, including...

* 'No-Cooking or Preparation' Delicious Freeze-Dried Foods (25 Year Shelf-Life)
* Water Filters and Storage Barrels
* Emergency Lighting
* Emergency Heat & Warmth
* Medic Quality First-Aid Supplies
* Sanitation Supplies
* PLUS Evacuation Gas Masks & Spare Filters
* 10 Year Storing Vitamins
* Potassium Iodide (radiation nuke pills)
* Our BEST Solar/Battery Powered Lantern with AM/FM/Radio
* 2 Executive 72 Hour Evacuation Kits for Your Vehicles
* ...and Much, Much More!

Every item included has been carefully chosen with the ultimate in preparedness in mind. Many items that come with this unit are in short supply, so we have pulled these items aside to insure that at least a few of you will have the LIMITED OPPORTUNITY to purchase one of these special reserves.

Only the BEST of the BEST has been included in this one-of-a kind incredible family unit. Check out what's included!
* Up to a 25 Year Shelf-Life (on the Freeze-Dried Foods)
* The ULTIMATE in Peace-of-Mind & Security
* Save OVER $500 if purchased Separately!

Food Reserves:
* Our Best - The Ultimate Pak
* All 'No-Cook' Foods... Just add Water and Eat!
* The Finest Food Reserve EVER Assembled
* Gourmet Tasting Foods Everyone Loves
* Complete Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Meals
* Provides Over 2450 Calories Per Day, Per Person
* Enough Food for 4 Persons for 3 Months
* Plus 63 Instant Meals by just adding water

Water Storage and Filtration:
* Two 55-gallon Family Water Storage Packages (Stores 8 Barrels stores 440 Gallons)
* Katadyn Combi Plus Ceramic Water Filter
* Katadyn Gravity Ceramic Drip Filter
* 5 Year Water Storage Treatment
* 5 Gallon Collapsible Water Carrier

Emergency Light:
* Aladdin Watchman Kerosene Lantern
* Aladdin Spare Parts
* 2 Twelve LED Lanterns
* 3 Dietz Jupiter Kerosene Lanterns and 2 Spare Wicks
* 24 Nuwick 120 Hour Emergency Candles
* 24 Quarts of Ultra Clear Lamp Oil
* 2 Five Gallon Kerosene/Water Containers (empty, fill locally)
* 2 LED Wind-Up Crank Flashlight with Radio
* 2 Nightstar Batteryless Shake Flashlight
* 3 Russian Dynamo Flashlights
* 5 - 15" Instant Room Lightsticks
* 24 Instant Lightsticks

Emergency Heat & Warmth:
* Alpaca Kerosene Stove/Heater with Wick
* 1 Quart of Fuel Saver
* Waterproof Matches (two 10 Paks)
* Hand/Body Instant Warmers
* 4 All Weather Reinforced Space Blankets

First-Aid Supplies:
* Our Best Comprehensive Family Medical Kit
* Compact Knuckle Mender First Aid Kit
* Dental First-Aid Kit
* Deluxe Suture & Syringe Kit

* Hotman Super Shower (recommend purchasing locally 6-12 16oz standard propane camping fuel bottles)
* Hassock Portable Toilet
* Bio-Blue Chemical Waste Treatment (4 boxes)
* Heavy-Duty Sanitation Toilet Liners (48)
* Biodegradable Toilet Tissue (Six twin Paks)

Additional Survival Essentials:
* 60 N95 Hospital Grade Respirator Masks w/Exhale Valves!
* 12 Hand Sanitizer Bottles
* Four NBC Rated Gas Masks
* 8 NBC Gas Mask Replacement Filters
* Super Nutrivita Vitamins (12 bottles)
* Potassium Iodide (28 Packets of 14 tablets each)
* Deluxe Solar Light Lantern with Am/Fm Radio
* Deluxe Solar Battery Charger
* 2- Two Person Executive 72 Hour kit (for your vehicles)
* Essential Books: Preparing for Emergencies, Sense of Survival, Making the Best of Basics, Where there is no Doctor and Where there is no Dentist.

(As with all our emergency reserve units, should an item become out-of-stock or is discontinued, we will substitute that item with another of equal of great value and utility)

* Business & Corporate Note: Businesses and Corporations can usually deduct to cost of all preparedness supplies just as you would any security or insurance related expense for your business. Consult your tax adviser for further details.

(As with all our emergency reserve units, should an item become out-of-stock or is discontinued, we will substitute that item with another of equal of great value and utility)

Ultimate Family Preparedness Pak

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